Welcome to Lakarmaya

About Us

This is where all the creative juice served

Who Are We

Smaller than agency, more than freelancer, that is how we picture on who we are at Lakarmaya Marketing.

Our main operation is in Kuala Lumpur, but our team are working remotely from all around the world.

Our Mission

We want to provide the most recommended service at the best price we can offer.
We want to be recommended by our clients from time to time.

What We Do

Why Choose Us?

We believe in efficiency, our concept of working remotely really help us in making our cost become more efficient.
Also, we believe in result and data. We don’t offer service that we cannot do.

Our market focus is local market which we more aware and have more experience on it.

We believe the best communication is through talking one to one, and that is what we do. you can call us, video chat us, or even meet over a cup of coffee.

Our package always have free to stop anytime, if our clients are not satisfied with our work.

Our team are highly experienced on their expertise and skills. that’s what make our working remotely system works.